Imagine The Possibilities
RD Blackburn

The best thing that could have happened to me over Labor Day weekend 2015 is for me to win the Powerball jackpot. I would love to have been able to turn my Powerball jackpot winning ticket in on Tuesday September 8, 2015.

I have dreamed of winning a huge lottery jackpot since I was old enough to buy a ticket. I am ready for my $2 investment to expand into such a fortune that I would be able to experience the ultimate freedom. The freedom to do what I want to do, for as long as I want to do it and whenever I want to do it.

I could buy a suite for the Garth Brooks concert in October at US Airways Center or whatever they are calling that building these days. I could afford to help get my nephew back on his feet. I could grant my mother the freedom she so richly deserves. The freedom to make her own decision about her future, without the need for her to worry about time or effort invested in only a somewhat satisfying relationship.

For my young cousins, and there are a lot of them. I would grant them the opportunity to go to school and enjoy the college experience, without the need for them to worry or even ask where the money is coming from to pay for their schooling. For my Dad, I would grant his wish to retire if that’s what he really wants. For my cousins who are closer to my own age, I would like to pay of their mortgages or buy them a new home. A house of their choosing, where they could live happily without a mortgage.

For some of my fellow veterans, I will hopefully make their lives better by donating to charities that assist them with assimilating back into civilian life and with job training or vocational skills.

At my deepest core I just want it to be easy. A quick windfall of money surely seems to be a blessing but of course the idea can also be a little scary. Don’t worry, I can overcome that fear! I would be swimming in unchartered waters but what a great and rejuvenating experience it would be.

I can vividly imagine walking into a car dealership and purchasing the automobile or automobiles of my choice and paying them off in that very moment. I have bought a brand new Toyota Tundra Crew Cab Platinum Edition and a Hellcat Dodge Challenger. I now own both and live in a beautiful paid off home that has a guest house, pool, attached garage and detached garage as well. I have enough room to park my vehicles and still have space to do my workouts and work on my projects. After all, I am rich and I am free. This is my reward for being a co-creator and my success creates ripples that improves the lives of those closest to me as well as the lives of those who may not even know me. I am you and you are me. We are all one! Creation is where thought and emotion collide.

May everyone reading this be blessed with peace and strength. God bless you.

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