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don’t make my mistake, a microphone extension cable product review

Hello everyone, Rob here and today I wanted to create a new written product review for you as well as a word of caution about this specific item. Reading this post all the way through will very likely save you money, time and aggravation, believe me.

It’s kind of aggravating for me to write this because it highlights the fact that I either didn’t pay enough attention to detail when I made this purchase or simply didn’t know. It’s because I didn’t know, seriously! I’m not the type of person who likes to create inconveniences for myself but I inevitably end up doing so anyway.

I recently bought what I thought was a lapel microphone extension cable. This purchase sat here at my house for quite some time before I actually attempted to use it. The reason it sat was because I have a boom microphone that rests on top of my video camera that I have been primarily using.

So Friday night, or the night of February 3, 2017 I finally unpackaged my brand new microphone extension cable, plugged it into my video camera, plugged my lapel microphone into the extension cable and attempted to make a video.

Wrong input cable - what I bought, duh!

I quickly realized that my set-up was not working as intended and reverted back to using the boom microphone on my camera while also recording audio separately onto my smartphone using my lapel microphone. I simply picked the audio that I thought was the best quality to include in my video.

Correct input cable

I was kind of annoyed after attempting to use my new set-up and I proceeded to Amazon.com to see if I could find a logical reason why the cable I purchased wasn't doing the job. It turned out that it was a simple mistake or more of an oversight on my part.

Unfortunately, the cable I bought was not compatible with my lavalier lapel microphone because of the number of black rings, better known as the number of conductors did not match that of my microphone.

I am not an electronics genius by any stretch of the imagination. I encourage all of you, please don’t be like me and make the same mistake I did. Take the time to make sure you’re buying the correct cable for whatever is it you’re buying the extension cable for.

Until next time, be good to yourselves and each other. God bless!

Last modified: March 26, 2017

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