I had recently witnessed a site come from out of nowhere to be in the number one spot on Google for the keyword phrase Phoenix movers. I did my due diligence and investigated their back links. I was and still am astonished by what I found. I did see one glaring weakness that made me believe that they wouldn't be in their newly achieved number one position for very long. Unfortunately for them I was right. I am not tooting my own horn. I am simply stating what I observed and what that observation led me to believe.

Would you like to know the reason I believe they fell? I will assume you do if you've read this far. The reason I believed they would fall is simple. Their backlinks started disappearing. This leads me to another question. Is it better to get short term back links or would you rather invest the time to get permanent backlinks? Based off what I've seen I would have to say that investing the time to get permanent links is a much better strategy. I say invest time because that's exactly what you will have to do. Quality links are not built overnight. Building effective back links take a focused, consistent effort and a plan. The website I'm speaking of is a prime example of what can happen when you move too far too fast. Moving so far so fast raised red flags and makes your site a prime target for already suspicious search engines. Bing and Yahoo or Binghoo doesn't seem to care as much as Google does. It’s really Google’s job to care though, when you consider how much of your total organic traffic comes from Google. Google wants the best overall user experience.

Back links are a fascinating subject to me and I still have so many questions. Is it a good idea to have links on every page of a blog? I personally don’t think so or if it is then you had better have more links than just those from a blog roll. The results I have seen for my own websites suggests to me that contextual links rule, however even content based sites are coming under scrutiny from what I am hearing from other webmasters and seeing in other blog posts. The simple fact of the matter is that some blogs do look suspicious. It’s hard for me to believe that some people have the time to post five to ten new posts per day on their blogs. Are you a professional journalist? I hope you’re being handsomely rewarded for all your efforts and in all likelihood you are, and that’s the problem. Such a high posting frequency just doesn’t look natural unless you’re running a news site.

My conclusion is pretty simple. Take the necessary time to make things look natural. Otherwise you may face a level of scrutiny that triggers nightmares.

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